Serpentello - Small snake ring (Silver)

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The snake has for thousands of years been a symbol of fertility and creative life force - and a snake changing him is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing.

With the rustic, detailed design, the ring stands out from the crowd and gives edge to your look. You can use the ring together with other rings to give your outfit a little extra edge.

The ring can be adjusted to your desired finger and styled for all outfits.
Made of 925 sterling silver in the highest quality.

Size recommendations:
*We recommend a minimum of 4.5 cm in circumference on the finger (fits practically everyone's thumb, index, long and ring finger)
*Avoid adjusting more than necessary to avoid deformity and damage. If the ring is adjusted every time it is put on and taken off, it can cause damage to the ring over time.
*Please note that our adjustable rings are not covered by the lifetime warranty

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